When The Hit Is Just Plain Stupid!!!

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Not quite the first time Mr. Grier?

Thanks to the San Jose Mercury News for this video….here is the link. Look about 45 seconds in or so.

Oh come on! Was this even really necessary? At 15:24 of the second period Mike Grier hit Aaron Johnson well away from the play….the puck was long gone and Johnson crashed into the boards and was grabbing his arm in severe pain. It looked bad and basically Johnson may have a broken bone. Any rate, the injury seemed bad enough.

Now some thing the injury determined the 5 minute major and game misconduct but no it was more the distance from where the puck was combined with the hit and then the yapping that Mike Grier did as he left the ice. He clearly did not realize what he did until it was way too late. The hit itself was not really dirty, but Johnson was vulnerable. He thought he was safe as the puck was gone and well away from Grier. Grier thought otherwise and drilled him into the boards as Johnson was a bit prone.

So now what? If the NHL has any common sense…they have to look at this. There is no way that something like this is acceptable but at the same time Grier should not get 10 games…maybe 5 instead. A quick message by the NHL would be great here but it is Thanksgiving after all. Hopefully we will see something soon on it. Hits like that have no place. Mike Grier….you know better…PERIOD!!! No excuses…no ignorance is bliss philosophy can excuse that hit at all.

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