When Do The Finals Start?

Yes I know the answer but really only one team has showed up so far and that certainly isn’t the Pittsburgh Penguins. Two games…..seven goals for Detroit and none for Pittsburgh. More disciplined, more puck control….textbook defense…all staples of the Red Wings in this postseason. Youth, speed, and heart were characteristic of the Pens.

Defense wins championships….especially now that the defense can create some offense on their own accord. That is the absolute difference in this series. Look at the defensive corps in Detroit….Lidstrom, Rafalski, Stuart and then a wall in Kronwall. Is that really fair? Probably not. It was said how Pittsburgh’s defense went under the radar. Well Detroit is having one hell of a party right now at their expense.

One player on Pittsburgh who realized the Finals has started is Marc-Andre Fleury…he has played hard and tried to keep his team in it. But when even your own D can’t properly communicate to you and turns over the puck more often than most call girls…it just has got to be a bad time. When players like Marian Hossa and Evgeni Malkin disappear like the playoffs are over already…your team is going to be in for a long, hard road.

So when will the finals actually start? Maybe Wednesday in Pittsburgh…otherwise this may become what some are calling a foregone conclusion.

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