The Calm Before The Rattling……

Good afternoon everyone! As some of my friends from the New York City area have told me…they are getting hit with a little winter weather potpourri. Well the hockey world is a bit calm right now and tonight there are only four games adding to kind of the calm yet eerie feeling that come the next few days the explosions will begin culminating in Tuesday’s trade deadline which is at 3pm ET.

So as I keep hearing about all these little things with Mats Sundin and Bryan McCabe…okay maybe they aren’t so little. Now you know nothing will happen until Monday or Tuesday, if at all. With games all over the place on the weekend, CBC, TSN, and many many FSN networks…even ESPN will be all over any rumor that pops up as if these sources were hockey gods themselves. As teams contemplate whether they will be buyers, sellers, or tweeners…The NHL Arena will try to make sense of it all.

One last thing I did want to thank Weill and everyone from The NHL Arena but yeah….especially Weill….for the new NHL Arena Video. Check it out….and enjoy the weekend of hockey before the trade fireworks fly.

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