Previews Of The Day, Cider, And A Prediction

Just hours away from the drop of the puck….and of course what should prove to be a very pivotal game this series. So to spotlight things a little….here are the previews of the day from both sides for Game 4.

Pittsburgh Preview:

Pens-Wings from The Faceoff Factor

Detroit Preview:

Wings-Pens from On The Wing Blog

Now of course what would a day be without the finest GDT I know from The NHL Arena and some good old fashioned hard cider. Today’s cider comes from Woodpecker.

Thank you so much Woodpecker for this pic…one of the smoothest ciders I know yet has an intense crispness at the end. If only they had it out here in Southern California so yes I have to have it shipped from back East naturally.

Now for today’s prediction….it appears Tomas Holmstrom is a go (hamstring). But I don’t think that is going to help the Wings enough today as I am expecting Evgeni Malkin to finally break out some. Detroit will mount a proud bravado late but in the end I see this series going back to Joe Louis tied at 2.

Prediction: Pens 4 Wings 2

Now sit back and enjoy the game!!!

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