Odd Streak Of Sorts!!!!

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This is truthfully a streak no one would expect from a goalie so talented. The reality is this is obviously not all at the hands, gloves, stick, and skates of Henrik Lundqvist. For the record, Lundqvist has gone 35 straight games without a shutout. Think about this….how often do you see an elite goalie go through a dry stretch like this? Well I got one for you……

How about Martin Brodeur last year? Brodeur went the last 41 games last year without grabbing a shutout. So before Ranger and Fantasy Hockey fans jump off that ledge….just think for a second and relax! This kind of thing does happen for even the best of goalies.

Maybe the only concern is that Lundqvist had given up 32 goals in his last 8 games….that is four a game folks for a goalie that has a career GAA of 2.32. The defense has let Lundqvist down and again before Ranger fans panic…remember the start Martin Brodeur had last year for New Jersey with the 3.57 GAA in his first 9 games. Granted those were all on the road but hey these weird, crooked streaks again happen to the best of the best!

Will Lundqvist be able to turn this thing around? Sure! Is he going to go the whole season without a shutout after ten last year and 5 the year before? I do not think so! A caption this for the picture above would be “Crap I missed that forward again”.

So in a nutshell, do not hit the red button yet……not yet by a long shot!

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