Locker Room Cancer

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We have all at one point or another heard of players being labeled as cancer to a locker room. To this day I’m still not completely sure what that means, but I’ve always kind of assumed it means that the majority of the players in a locker room can’t stand a certain player for his actions both on and off the ice. I’m not going to say I don’t by into the theory that one player can bring a team down to the point that the on ice product begins to deteriorate, I do however question the train of thought that says one player can wreck a teams entire season.

Que Sean Avery.

Can the fate of the Dallas Stars really be in the hands of Sean Avery? It’s been rumored for weeks now that the Stars have shopped the winger around the league and no one wants anything to do with the guy. The fact that no team wants to trade for Avery does seem to suggest that a team may be better off without the guy, it’s true. However I think it has to do more with that 4 year contract the Stars gave the guy rather then the locker room cancer angle. Ask yourself this, would someone sign Sean Avery right now if he was free agent? Like it or not the answer is yes. The guy is one of the best super pests in the NHL today. It’s pretty clear his love ability isn’t that high, even when we talk about love from his own teammates, but what he has to offer a hockey team during a 60 minute game is undeniable. He throws entire teams off their game, he can score, he will fight, and his energy is transferable to his line mates. That’s what the Dallas Stars signed him for is it not? From what I have seen this season the Stars have got exactly what they paid for.

The issue with the Stars is way deeper then Sean Avery. I’m pretty sure Marty Turco isn’t playing hockey like he is because Avery is an asshole in the locker room, just saying. The Stars problem isn’t a conversation for today, but in a team sport one player, cancer or not, can’t be blamed for a total team melt down.

Then again, this is just a damned opinion.

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