Fantasy Hockey 101: Take It Easy!!!

BallHype: hype it up!

If you were smart last week and pounced on certain chances to grab people then pat yourself on the back and take it easy this week. Not much is going on as we transition into the new year. A couple of those “near deals” have fallen through. As always, just be wary of the injury bug. That thing is relentless!!

Admittedly my eyes have turned toward the WJC and the Winter Classic on Thursday between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings. Puck Daddy will be having a live blog where you can see all of us and probably more….starting at or just before 1pm ET. When I know for sure, I will let everyone else know. It will be a nice day to spend the New Year talking about hockey…novel concept I know.

Another thing…go watch the 2009 World Junior Championships anyway you can. Some of the future Fantasy Hockey players are playing in this tournament. Who knows you may find out about that keeper on your team that is a young prospect. At the very least, it will get you looking at the youth….they are your team’s future as if you did not know. Kudos to TSN, The NHL Network, and various hockey streaming sites for the unprecedented ability to be able to watch so many of these games where the best you used to be able to hope for…is radio. Wow, how far have things come!

Before I forget….why not take a look at some KHL or juniors action. Every so often on streaming sites such as, Hockey Webcasts, and others….you can really find some gems. Right now I am watching some Spengler Cup action between Dynamo Moscow and Karlovy Vary. Interesting stuff with Dynamo up 4-2 in the second period right now. One really never knows what they will find just waiting for them on the world wide web.

So sometimes you do really have to dig a bit to find the players that may be one day playing on your fantasy team. At the very least, it is a chance to relax and get to see what the world of hockey as to offer. At the max, it is an opportunity to gain an unexpected leg up on your competition. Hooray hockey!!!!

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