Antoine Vermette Re-Signed for 2 years

The Ottawa Senators have re-signed forward Antoine Vermette to a 2 year deal worth 5.525 Million. This deal avoids arbitration by literally minutes, one of the ugliest things for a team and a player to go through at any point of a relationship or career.

The link to the article is:

In my opinion, Ottawa got exactly what they needed for this deal. Vermette is a great young center with a multitude of different facets to his game. He will provide them with secondary scoring, as well as being a strong penalty killer and faceoff man. In return, I fully anticipate Ottawa to find room for him prior to his next contract on the second line (at least).

While I do feel like he got low-balled and expected that if he got signed by another team via trade, it would have been around 4 million, he showed a real interest in staying with Ottawa by taking that number, for probably two less years than he wanted.

I am looking forward to seeing how much he progresses this year.

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