Your LS Deadline Assessment

A little late in coming…


Not something to tell your grandkids about. A half a mill salary dump and a two round draft climb. Meh.


With all the moves made earlier in the season, we should have expected big things to happen on the Island, but we did not. Three very meaningful pieces for this playoff hunt in exchange for 3 highly rated prospects and a chance at anything meaningful in their next draft. These moves have put Snow on the GM map and they are clearly made by the club, in the attempt to regain their fans.


A whole lot of next to nothing sideways moves at best. Other than Avery, nothing addresses their problems today and surprisingly not one draft pick was picked up.


In just a matter of months, Holmgren does the one thing Bobby Clarke couldn’t do in years. Picked up a qualified starting goaltender for his club. And all it took was a second rounder. Which in retrospect means nothing since the Flyers now have half of the picks in the entire 07 draft pretty much. And once you get over the departure of the oft injured Forsberg, you notice the departure of the abysmal Calder, and more in return for Zhitnik than what they gave up to get him just a short time ago.


Some of the nicest moves made were by this team. Adding the leadership of Gary Roberts was taking a page right out of Carolina’s book last season. And we all know where that got them. Also Laraque’s services should not be overlooked in this new NHL. The only thing I do question is why Schaefer was chosen over a veteran goaltending insurance policy.


Much like the Rangers, the Bruins made a lot of sideways deals. None of which addressed their goaltending problems. For a team that has had as many problems as them this season, you’d think the future would have been the focus.


I don’t like the decision to move Biron out. Not when a game ready player doesn’t come back. And sure it might have had more to do with salary, and the incoming Zubrus, I believe they would have been better off with some insurance in net should Miller falter or fall to injury. Ty Conklin is hardly the guy you want to see in net in a playoff game.


Very curious to see Rivet sent away with no follow up deal. With the way the Canadiens have played of late, I would have expected a bigger push from management roster-wise.


Under a lot of heat for not bringing in Gary Roberts, this time I would have to agree with their fans. Ottawa might have made up for their lack of gritty play over recent years, but I continue to question their leadership. Especially come playoff time. And when you look at their goaltending, having a third stringer around, might not have been a bad idea.


As much as I like Perreault and am willing to admit that he has had a good year which saw him at his first all-star game, the Leafs could have had this guy for much of the early part of this season for nothing. And he still does not address one hole the Leafs have had this season. Perhaps there was a clause in Ferguson’s contract that would only allow him to deal with the Coyotes this season, since that is where they shipped Tellqvist out to and where they snapped Travis Green off of waivers.


When giving up this much of your future, try and bring back something with a better reputation than a Tkachuk and Zhitnik package. Clearly Waddell was looking to save his job.


Anson Carter is a poor facsimile of the nice work Rutherford did last season.


Don’t look now, but the Panthers have effectively traded away Luongo for a 7 day rental player. Disastrous!


Various minor moves, but the one guy to look out for won’t pay off this season. Shane O’Brien.


Basically nothing more than acquiring more futures… again.


Williams was a nice pick up, but nothing much else to talk about. Still despite their record this season, this was one hard luck club. No real reason to do anything drastic at this point.


Quiet. Too quiet.


Very unusual for Ken Holland. The Wings might win the jackass deadline award, should there be one to hand out. Not only do they take the biggest gamble in recent history in Bertuzzi, but Kyle Calder for Jason Williams? What was he smoking?


Possibly the reason we saw this insane 1st round swap-fest across the league this season. It is my opinion that a first rounder should never be dealt, aside from the most rarest of occasions. However, considering the desperation to gain respect in this city, I think the Forsberg deal was a gamble that needed to be taken.


Absolutely made out like bandits. Boyes, Neimenen, Barriball, and a slew of high picks including 3 first rounders. For Wideman and a couple of rentals. Astonishing!


Nothing off the top, but some nice additions nonetheless. Conroy, Stuart, Primeau and Hale are all worthy pickups.


They might as well stayed in bed.


I know I am in the minority here, but I don’t blame Lowe for the Smyth deal. Personally I think Ryan the myth has become bigger than Ryan the man. Not to say that he isn’t a great player still, but I question him as a 5 plus million dollar player in near future years to come. And the Oilers really didn’t get anything less than the Blues did with Guerin.


Dominic Moore, eh? Zzzzz.


Same situation as the Flames, but more so. More steak than sizzle, but some real nice pieces if you ask me.


Mostly minor deals. Pretty much left out in the cold when looking at the other contenders of the West.


Possibly the sleeper pick to win this deadline race. Nagy and Norstrom are definitely nothing to sneeze at.


For a ‘seller’ they really didn’t get anything noteworthy in return.


Next to the Blues, the Yotes quietly stockpiled a lot of high draft picks. And kept Doan to boot.


Nice additions in Guerin and Rivet. Paid their dues with futures, but this was a do or die team this season.

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