Roy Signs Deal, Sabres Fan Implodes

The Sabres have dodged a bullet. Center Derek Roy has signed a 6 year deal worth 24 million dollars, for a cap hit of 4.000 million.

In other news, I just about died.

The Sabres typically have made it staunchly clear that the maximum term length of any “long term” contract that they’d offer would be 4 years. To hear that they’ve signed a dynamic player who hasn’t hit his prime to a decent contract is for lack of a better term, astounding. Derek Roy has a lot of potential, despite the nay sayers. He’ll prove to be an exceptional playmaking center for Mr. Austria and Mr. Russia if the line is held together this year.

Maybe this is a sign that good things are indeed going to come out of the gaffe known the world around as the departures heard around the world. My advice: Don’t hold your breath until we see extensions signed. Then we will really know if they learned their lesson.

At least we’re heading in the right direction. Nobody can argue that.

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