MC Paille

Thanks to Mr Rick for catching this before I did. Coincidentally I was in Buffalo of all places today, checking out the Zoo.

So it’s with due process after traversing what I thought was a humid jungle, despite the torrents of rain that were dumping on our heads, that I bring you some good news and an interesting concept. After all, news on the Sabres front has been fairly slow.

Daniel Paille has come to terms with the Buffalo Sabres per WGR55. Terms currently have not been disclosed, but it’s expected that since he just accepted his Qualifying Offer, that it is a 1 year deal for a small raise.

By having the gritty left winger come to terms with the team, the only cliffhanger contracts left are the two going to arbitration. Derek Roy will have his hearing July 27th, and Nathan Paestch will have his on August 2nd. The Sabres have until August 6th to accept or reject the decisions made in the arbitration process.


The Sabres are on a Star search. They’re looking for hidden talent amongst the streets of Buffalo and the surrounding area for a superstar of sorts. Somebody to propel the team forward and carry their game throughout the season.

If you were thinking they were looking for another hockey player, you’re wrong.

The Sabres are having what’s called an “emcee” contest. The winner gets to be the Jumbotron announcer (Think the Why Guy) for 10 games this season. More information on the contest can be found at the Sabres official site.

I think there are a couple of people I know at The NHL Arena that could pull it off and be very entertaining. Speaking of which, The NHL Arena just completed their move to a more robust forum system, why don’t you give it a look over?

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