Knee Bone Connected to the Head Bone.

The otherwise perplexing title is the only thing I can really fathom when it comes to Michael Peca’s recent indecisiveness to indicate just where the Sabres rank in his priorities.

Lets start with a quote from the Buffalo News.

Michael Peca can’t make the Buffalo Sabres want him.

Still, the popular former captain longs to return.

“I want it to happen,” Peca said Thursday from his East Amherst home. “I do have a couple of options right now that are pretty exciting, but Buffalo has always been at the top of my list.”


Yay! He wants to come to the Sabres! Or maybe not.

”Buffalo would have been top of my list for sure had it been an option,” said Peca. ”But I indicated (to Buffalo media) that I didn’t think it would be an option. I heard from different people that there was some interest in the organization but unless the general manager calls you and says that he’s interested, then there is no interest.”


Okay. It would’ve been at the top of your list. That’s okay, except you told the Buffalo media it was at the top of your list.

If you didn’t think anybody was paying attention to you being wishy washy, you’re wrong.

The only thing you’re spot on about is that Darcy doesn’t seem to have interest.

There have been more surprising things that have occurred in the NHL though. I guess we’ll just have to see where this Michael Peca thing is going.

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