In Again Out Again…Larry Again??

So Larry Robinson is on what….his tenth stint with the Devils? It sure feels that way doesn’t it? Well the other day, he was named an assistant coach with the team after a bit of a reshuffling at the urging of Brent Sutter. Larry can’t get enough of coaching…it is what kills him but also keeps him going. Now that may be an odd juxtaposition of sorts…but this is the Devils after all.


Larry is back on the bench again for New Jersey.

What does this all mean really? I really do think the Devils needed an offensive type assistant somewhere and Robinson fits that build. He will get the players to realize that there are offensive opportunities out there. At times last season, we looked like the Canucks out there (weird to say but true because it seemed nearly every one of their games was 1-0 or 2-1). Larry brings experience to the table and is comfortable with not having to be the top guy in charge. Maybe that pressure was too great on him and this is a role that suits him best.

I also know that a lot of writers take shots at Lou for his callous nature and yes he does have one but he is also quite a bit more loyal than people give him credit for. He has kept Robinson on when most would have thrown him to the curb. He has helped Ken Daneyko along the same lines. So Larry gets yet another chance and I hope it does work out for him. He is a class act, a great hockey mind, a Hall of Famer, and better yet….a damn good teacher. Hats off to ya Larry!!!

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