Dispatches From The Edge Of Flyerdom: Oh, Captain My Captain… and other tales of hope and woe. Oh! and a Finnish Water Bug

since the move to the new site, i figured there should be more “who’s going to be the next flyers captain” threads… so, here’s mine. well, until it turned into a fucking novel, then i thought, “hey! me… i’m the freaking flyers panelist! and this dear, gentle readers, IS A BLOG!

i’ll start it out by saying that, even though we now have like 800 former NHL captains on our team, i really don’t think a new player should take the “C”, I’m really excited about all the new additions (re: VERY!), but i want a FLYER to be the captain… “A”‘s for everyone, but the “C”… that needs to stay in house.

so, climb on board my crazy little ride called “I’m right, you’re wrong!” (yeah, i listen to A LOT of D.O.A.)

here goes…

gags? no, he already turned it down once (out of respect for preems, but still, he did turn it down when the boys REALLY needed a captain), and I’m well aware of the leadership he exhibited towards the end of the season (especially in light of the HUGE mistake of giving forsberg the “C”… and yes, foppa is one of my favorite players ever, just not a captain), but i would rather see him with the “A”, and see him with a hundred points as well… just saying…

another odd twist in hypothetically giving simon the “C”; the seemingly immutable fact that mike richards will be the captain of the philadelphia flyers… at some point… in the future. um, o.k., sure… gritty kid, plays some hard nosed hockey, but i don’t know why there is this sense of “pre ordainment” (is that a word?), no knock against him, don’t get me wrong, i like his play, he’s got an amazing future in front of him, hell, he might be mother fricken’ theresa (albeit male) for all i know. and let’s say yes, for all intents and purposes, he WILL be the captain in two or three years. where would that leave “captain” simon gagne? do you take the “c” from him and give it to richards? how far down the shitter would that send gags game. and why so much pressure on mike any way? let him play!

so, THAT is why i say no “C” for gags. sorry gags, now, get out there and score (c’mon!!! yo know what i mean…)! i love ya’ big G!

hatcher? no, no, no, no… oh sweet jesus no! i started liking his play quite a bit at the end of the season, he was a monster on the PK, and, thanks to less ice time (the flyers can not, and now don’t need to rely on him for big minutes any more… WHEW!) he steps up and was a dominate force in the flyers zone, not to mention his veteran leadership on defense. but now, we don’t need THAT either; timmonen, smith… hatcher will have time to just play a little “D”, and kill penalties… he tried to step up and lead the team out of the darkness last season, but didn’t succeed. granted, not many flyers succeeded last season.

we can talk about trading hatcher for cap space later… we will… but, no “C” for hatch, please, K?

speaking of “K”… knuble? hard, heavy, gritty big FLYER hockey player. leads on the ice (like SOOoooo many of the new batch of UFA players)… i would not be at ALL bummed if mike got the “C”, he’s worked for it, he’s earned it, and above his physical play, fearless work in the corners and in front of the net, he has his photo in the dictionary next to the definition of “intangibles”. the ONLY reason i would pass on “captain knuble” is a little finnish heart and soul water bug named;

sami kapanen.

i will repeat myself, HEART AND SOUL OF THE PHILADELPHIA FLYERS, period. the only one? no… but for the captaincy? the only one. listen, remember back to all that stuff i was going on about mike richards? future captain mike richards? in two or three years, mike richards? classic passing of the torch, from sami to mike, sami retires, and the now veteran mike richards takes the reigns…

takes the reigns from the retiring captain of the STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONSHIP WINNING PHILADELPHIA FLYERS?

… who’s to say? oh, wait… that’s right… ME! ’cause “i’m right you’re wrong, and we all know it, i’m right you’re wrong and it’s no secret…”

wow! i’m gonna’ celebrate THAT line of logic with a few beers! the truth will make you thirsty!

CHEERS ALL!!! great to be back! -e-

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