Burke’s annoyed with Lowe

Ducks GM Brian Burke took part in a conference call yesterday to address the situation of Oilers GM Kevin Lowe giving Dustin Penner an offer sheet but the Ducks need to match it if he is to remain in a Ducks jersey.
Burke lashed out at Lowe saying that he is ‘fighting to keep his job’ and the amount of money that he has offered to Penner. Burke knew nothing about this until an agent faxed it to him and he is very annoyed about it.
Lowe did the same a few weeks ago by offering Buffalo Sabres forward Thomas Vanek a 7 year $50 million contract but the Sabres matched it.
Edmonton didn’t make the playoffs last season and Lowe is desperate to get a good team back on the ice but he is offering these RFA’s a lot of money. Penner only made $450,000 last season and now he will make $4.25 million a season.
Burke hasn’t got only got Penner to think about. Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf will be RFA’s after next season and he needs to sign them to new contracts and they will be expecting a pay rise.

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