A Signing and A Rumor

WGRZ reported last night with a Buffalo News confirmation that Nathan Patesch has signed a 3 year deal. WGRZ reports the Buffalo Defenseman took a 3yr/3m deal, however, which makes this a very affordable signing, and one I am excited about as well, because we need his ability on the PP now more than ever.

Unless something happens in August, expect the team you see here to take the ice on October 5th. In my opinion, I think the Sabres have finished up their off season, but…

A rumor reported by a sirius radio station is that Patrick Marleau is on his way to the Sabres with fan favorite Michael Grier in exchange for Daniel Paille, Jaroslav Spacek, and 2 1st round draft picks. My opinion: no, no, no, no way.

As much as we’d like Grier back, he isn’t going to want to come back. He’s already made it perfectly clear that he felt that Buffalo was not committed to winning, and I’m sure he’s enjoying himself on the sunny beaches of San Jose more than on the ‘not really a beach’ called the Waterfront. Marleau is definitely an impact player though, and somebody I think would fit in well here.

I feel Buffalo overpays here. We give up a decent third liner, one of our top 6, and 2 first round draft picks, for a tad bit larger Briere like player and a bona fide hitter. The thing that doesn’t make sense out of this in the end is Darcy Regier giving up 2 draft picks for two players. Since the “apostles creed” of Buffalo is “building from within”, for Regier to spike that philosophy by dealing draft picks is absurd, let alone 2 1st rounders.

The bottom line: I still think the Sabres are done, even if this off the wall rumor becomes true. This is your 2007-2008 team after this signing. If you’re like me, you don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing, either.

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