The Program Hockey Mailbag

Hi there everyone! I am the newest writer for “The Hockey Program” and am very happy to be on board. I write under the alias of “Fang Finger”, but that doesn’t mean I am a “insider”. I am just a hockey fan, specifically of the Nashville Predators, living just 30 minutes from Bridgestone Arena. Right now, I am the lead editor/owner of “Fang Faction”, a Predators’ blog, on the Bloguin network as well. Staying in the Bloguin family.

My duty for The Hockey Program is to be a weekly contributor, in which my posts will be answering hockey fans’ questions. The segment will be called, “The Hockey Program Mailbag”, followed by the dates of the past week. You, the hockey fan, can email me questions that will be answer on a post about any of the following:

Gear, Fantasy (Chris Wassel’s favorite thing), NHL, Minors, Juniors, rules, opinion and latest news. And hey, anything hockey related can be answered.

My goal in doing this is to reach out to every hockey fan, from beginner to being a hockey fan all their life. 

Questions can be emailed to my mailbag email, Trust me, everybody’s questions will be answered.

Thank you everyone and am glad to be on board! You can follow me on Twitter @Fang_Faction.