Drop the Puck Already


Here is a nice quick hitter from Patrick Hoffman on the pangs of the offseason……

This is what every hockey/NHL fan has been thinking ever since the offseason kicked off back in late June, early July.

It is time to turn that frown upside down because folks, hockey season is just a couple of weeks away. Coming up this week, the NHL has its Traverse City Prospects and with it being on the NHL Network, hockey fans will get to see what the NHL will have to offer in the very near future or further down the line. Many terrific NHLers have played in this tournament and have come out the better for it so you do not want to miss it.

Shortly after that, teams report to training camp and that is when the fun will begin. The coaching staff will see what kind of lines they can come up with while also seeing if any of their young propsects deserve to make the big club. It will also be interesting to see what happens to the likes of Owen Nolan, Michael Nylander and Ray Emery, all of which will be trying out for the Vancouver Canucks, Philadelphia Flyers and Chicago Blackhawks, respectively.

We then have preseason hockey. It may not be the most exciting hockey in the world but nevertheless, it is hockey.

Then, it all begins with the NHL regular season. By that time, we can stop talking about all the what ifs and we can all stop saying “I really wish it was hockey season” because it will be.

So get ready folks because hockey is almost here!

Drop the Puck Already!



I know folks, the puck technically dropped about a week and a half ago when the NHL kicked off it’s pre-season but that is NOT what I am talking about.

I, along with many other hockey fans and pundits, want the NHL regular season to begin and with good reason.

First off, the games mean something. Teams will be battling each other on a nightly basis for two points and will be looking to make moves within the division and the conference.

Secondly, it’s great to follow statistics. Who leads the league in goals, assists and points? Which team has the best power play? Which team has the best penalty killing? Which team is good at third period comebacks? I know that it may sound geeky but these stats mean something and could determine where your favorite team finishes once all is said and done in April.

When it comes to the media, hockey coverage will be amped up. Yes, there isn;t much of it in the U.S. but at least we’ll read more game stories, practice reports, and player profiles while also relying on hockey blogs to give us the best content available. Hopefully, there won’t be any MSM vs. hockey blogger wars during the season that takes away from what it should really all be about: the love we have for hockey.

It’s time to get ready folks. The weather is getting cooler and October is here, which can only mean one thing: hockey is back!

With that said, let’s drop the puck already!