Most Expensive Los Angeles Kings Home Game Sits Just Under $220 On Secondary Market

The Los Angeles Kings are heading into a season with a complete 180-degree mindset than that of last season. Instead of coming off a Stanley Cup Final and looking for ways to repeat, the Kings are following up on a season in which they missed the postseason altogether and have had off-the-ice issues that shined a negative light on the organization as a whole.

With the acquisition of Milan Lucic from the Boston Bruins to pair with Marian Gaborik on the front line and the dismissal of some popular names from previous rosters, the Kings will have a slightly different look than in previous seasons. The core still remains, as Jeff Carter and Jonathan Quick will be the two rocks on the roster that can best almost any duo in the NHL.

A motivated, talented Kings team looks to be atop the Western Conference once again, hoping to receive a chemistry boost with the few additions. With the season opener a week away, below are the most expensive Kings tickets on the secondary market, according to

Most Expensive: 3/24/2016 | Winnipeg Jets vs. Los Angeles Kings | MTS Centre | Average Price: $639.59 | Get-in Price: $202.78

12/19/2015 | Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Los Angeles Kings | Air Canada Centre | Average Price: $341.85 | Get-in Price: $76

3/14/2015 | Chicago Blackhawks vs. Los Angeles Kings | United Center | Average Price: $287.43 | Get-in Price: $92

11/28/2015 | Los Angeles Kings vs. Chicago Blackhawks | Staples Center | Average Price: $217.21 | Get-in Price: $76

The most expensive hockey tickets on the secondary market are for games involved with the Winnipeg Jets, and for the Kings, it’s no different. In fact, their priciest game during the regular season is slated for March 24, and occurs on the road in Winnipeg, with an average ticket price of $639.59 and a get-in price of $202. Los Angeles stays in Canada for the second most expensive game when they face the Toronto Maple Leafs in December, having an average price of $341.85 and a get-in price of $76.

The list unsurprisingly continues next with a battle against the defending champions, as tickets to see the Chicago Blackhawks and Kings go at it on March 14 are drawing an average price of $287.43, while the get-in price clocks in at a much more reasonable $92. Kings fans going to this road game can find parking in Chicago on to save on one of the most expensive affairs of the year.

For being one of the better teams in the league over the past 10 seasons, Kings home games do not show up on this list, as they’re often a very popular opponent when traveling on the road. In any event, the most expensive game at the Staples Center occurs on November 28 when they host the Blackhawks, having an average price of $217.21 and a get-in price of $76.