Fantasy KHL Update! (1/21)

Dear Fantasy Hockey fans:

Greetings once again from the edge of the fantasy hockey universe. The Fantasy KHL is rolling along into Week 8. After seven weeks, it does look like there is a bit of separation between the top two spots. Also, some teams are starting to show resiliency with their non-NHL rosters. First off, let's take a look at those standings. Roll out the beautiful data footage….or not.

Standings Thru Week 7:

  1. Team Wassel — 153 pts
  2. Team Parkinson — 129 pts
  3. Ak Bars Kent — 99 pts
  4. Team CSKA Slappy — 92 pts
  5. Team WB (Boca) — 82 pts
  6. Team Magerko — 75 pts
  7. Team Russ — 73 pts
  8. Team Joe (Vrbata) — 71 pts
  9. Sputniks-Colin — 69 pts
  10. Team Garrett — 66 pts
  11. Team Brett — 65 pts
  12. Team Speck — 64 pts
  13. CSKA Ed — 62 pts
  14. Team Criminal — 61 pts
  15. Team CSKA Scotty — 47 pts

The biggest thing that has been noticed is that the middle of the pack teams are starting to get some 12-18 point weeks which is big as far as competitive balance. Sometimes in points leagues, a small roster can be very detrimental especially if there are key players slumping. Tough adjustments were prevalent when the NHL players went back to North America yet some teams are really thriving without them. It is funny how that actually works but that is just what is occurring.

Alex Frolov had 10 points alone this week while Alex Radulov had 11 to lead individual players. There were some very unexpected performances by goaltenders including two 50+ save performances which are pretty rare in the KHL. As the season gets tighter in the race for top seedings, expect the numbers to squeeze closer that much more. There is about a quarter of a season to go. Just think the NHL is barely underway and their crunch time is still over two months away. 

As the final weeks count down, I expect many more changes in the standings. There will also be a spotlight that shines even brighter on what is going on with the KHL. Good luck everyone and our goal as always is to enjoy the ride


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