Playoff Injury Ninja Ticker (4/25)


Well what do you know the Injury Ninja is on the loose again.  Is anyone really surprised?  However, the more noticeable injuries will get our full attention now because there are not quite as much injury news to follow.  It is always good to wait a bit for just such a reason.

The big news this week surrounds the return of Derek Roy far before anyone ever expected after having surgery on his quadricaps, he will be activated from the IR.  Roy should play but one never knows.  What we do know is that Jason Pominville (leg laceration) definitely out.

Here is today’s Injury Ticker amount.


Well the numbers dropped off from 49 last week which simply means teams are getting eliminated and some players are just playing hurt.  Whatever the reason it is good news for fantasy poolies and hockey fans in general.

Here is the injury breakdown for this week:

HEAD:  8

KNEE:  8
LEG:  3  (includes Pominville laceration)
EYE:  2 (Nodl just has cut under eye)

FOOT:  2
ANKLE:  2 (includes Kopitar)
HAND:  1 (Yes Knuble is still out, Pronger in)



Some think this is a thankless chore to follow thse injuries but necessary especially for fantasy purposes as well as the league.  It gives the fan an idea of what some of the ailments to look for are.  Also, in fantasy playoff pools, time is everything. The way Dave Bolland came back from injury made it clear that keeping him in your pools was well worth the wait (6 pts, +5, in 3 games).

The Henrik Zetterberg injury has proven to be exactly what we thought it was.  We said it was a sprained MCL and yes TSN now has it as such.  That was known for over a week now and good to see solid investigative reporting on this.  Will he be ready for Game 1 of the Western Conference Semis?  That has not been answered definitely as of press time.  We are working on it.

Here it goes again, so when does Sidney Crosby come back?

Until someone tells me different, if the Lightning beat the Pens tonight in Game 6, there is some part of me that thinks you may see Sidney Crosby on the ice for Game 7, even if is just on the Power Play.  Time will tell and there will be more on this tomorrow as well.

Again we want to thank all the beat writers, radio and media outlets, and the fans as well for all of their help.  Without them, there is no way to get an accurate count on the injuries.  All numbers are compiled from these sources to give the reader a more accurate breakdown of what is going on.  See you next week and hopefully your fantasy team is not riddled with injuries as the playoffs begin.

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