Fantasy Hockey ONE (12/9)

Miller Lite invaded us…and now we are reduced to combining This Day with Fantasy Hockey ONE for your amusement and reading.  If you have ever seen the commercials where they combine two things patently into one event, one really needs to sometime.  Today’s moment is a fantasy feast all in the first 20 minutes and it is an excuse for us to play a certain song as well.  Oh why not right?  Well of course we would do this anyway.  This one comes from 12 years ago and somewhere I can hear nostalgic hockey fans humming the tune as well.




December 09, 1989

Hartford’s Ray Ferraro scored his 5th career hat trick and added two assists all in the first period as the Whalers won 7-3 over the visiting New Jersey Devils.



So here we are again fantasy hockey fans.  Maybe it was a full moon last night but there sure seemed to be a lot in the department of Bizarroville that occurred.  Maybe it was something in the water as well.  Either way, it seemed “everything was happening”.  There were fights, crazy goals, missed calls, and out and out debauchery.  After all, when there is a 12 game slate that feels like a Saturday, maybe all of this should have been expected perhaps.



Jose Theodore, G, Florida Panthers — Yes the sound you heard up in Boston was the PING but it did not stop Theodore from shutting the door on the Boston Bruins.  He made 40 saves in a stunning tour de force 2-0 win by the Florida Panthers.  They played Boston a lot like Tampa did in last year’s playoffs (well in Game 7 anyway) but Theodore had come in with an 8-1-1 record against Boston in his last 10 starts so maybe it was not that much of a surprise.  Either way, Theodore has been a very pleasant fantasy surprise for GM’s and a nice gift to the Panther fans out there this holiday season.



The Montreal Canadiens have traded Jaroslav Spacek to the Carolina Hurricanes for Tomas Kaberle.  Both players have clearly aged but Kaberle has a few years remaining on that not too long ago signed three year deal.  Spacek’s contract expires after this season.  Kaberle has hit less, scored less, and created less in the last year as his skills have regressed considerably.  Will playing more in Canada revive those abilities?  It might somewhat but he is just not the same guy.  As for Carolina, at least Spacek, when he comes back from injury, will play better defensively for the Canes which is something they desperately need.  In the end, Carolina gets salary help while Montreal takes a kick at the can with Kaberle, its a fantasy gamble for GM’s as well.



Friday, December 9, 2011

Teams Notes
Toronto at Washington 7:00 PM | Gameday
Florida at Buffalo 7:30 PM | Gameday
Carolina at Winnipeg 8:30 PM | Gameday
Colorado at Edmonton 9:30 PM | Gameday

There are four games tonight but it almost does not feel that way.  From the surface, Toronto and Washington shapes up to be a wild one as the Capitals finally broke out against Ottawa a bit and well Toronto loves playing at a fast tempo.  Keep an eye on what Alex Ovechkin does in this game.  Florida will start Scott Clemmensen tonight in Buffalo so almost expect a “Boston hangover” for the Panthers.  Start your Buffalo offensive players basically.  Carolina and Winnipeg will probably be either a bore or a crazy up and down game.  The nightcap between Colorado and Edmonton will be interesting to see which goalie shows up.


All in all it should be a fun night…..follow us on Twitter for the latest and good luck!


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