Trade Deadline Drinking Game!

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It has come time for our first ever Trade Deadline Drinking Game. This was an exhaustive process where we were nearly punched in the privates several dozen times. Remember these are mere suggestions, you can add or subtract as you see fit. But during the day on Wednesday, we will see how many of these are actually mentioned in some way or form.

At any rate, here it comes and as always, make sure the children cannot get into your liquor cabinet. That happens far too often these days.

The 2010 Trade Deadline Drinking Game

If you hear an e5 from Eklund, by all means take a drink. Yes you will be hearing it plenty. However if an e5 is wrong, you must take two drinks.

If you text Rick a fake trade, you must take a drink after he punches you in the privates.

If you hear a Chris Chelios reference during the deadline, have a drink as well.

If you hear that classic line “This team is one player away from contending for the Stanley Cup….”…..take a drink as well.

For the Rangers fans out there…if you hear Sam Rosen praising Glen Sather for the “EFFORT” he made on trade deadline day, take a drink please.

If you thought about or have made up several fake rumors because you were tired of all the rumors out there….take a drink….you deserve it!

If you hear one more Canadian reference than you should about the Olympics during trade deadline coverage…..then take a drink.

If you hear “the robot” during the trade deadline….take a drink.

If TSN, RDS, TFP, HockeyBuzz or any of the sites shut down at all……again take a drink.

If you hear how teams like Florida and Edmonton are blowing up their rosters, take a drink.

If Spector mentions Team Canada’s gold medal more than once tomorrow night in our recap show, take a drink.

This may be rare but you may hear it during coverage….if a guy mentions how a new acquired player can help your fantasy team…..take a drink.

If Dustin Leed refers to himself as The Professor, please take a drink (will explain later).

If we hear Ray Whitney extension talk one more time….oh god screw the drink and get me a gun. Okay just take a drink for now and slowly back away from the gun.

If we refer to the Original Sin Cider hotline, yes you know to take a drink there too.

If you hear about more turned down Hamhuis offers to Philly, god damnit just take a drink already.

If Al Strachan makes an appearance anywhere on TV and you see it…..take a drink!

If you hear any analyst screaming (it has to be screaming btw) for Washington to get a defenseman or Philly to get a goaltender, yes please take a drink.

Listen to NHL Live today and tomorrow and if you hear any bone headed callers with trade rumors that seems WTF Trade Request worthy….take a drink.

The most important and last thing, if you hear announcers oohing and ahh’ing about guys not in the lineup tonight or tomorrow night and suggest that they have been traded and they are wrong….take two drinks.

If you have any suggestions on additional things we should add, just add them in the comment box or send them to my twitter @TheProgramBTR

Thanks again.

Chris Wassel

Director Of The Program

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