Statistical Oddities: Game Seven

No matter what round it comes in, a Game 7 is always significant.  I am sure you have seen the Stanley Cup videos that have the awe inspiring music which of course means a Game 7.  There is almost no going back in the sense that it really is Seventh Heaven for one team and the feeling of total despair for the other.  Last year, for example, there were two Game 7’s on the same time for Round 1.  Yes, Ranger and Devil fans felt the pain while Carolina and Washington fans felt the joy of advancing to the second round.  Eric Staal and Sergei Fedorov were heroe for one night.  The reality in any Game 7 is this.  All it takes is one moment to change everything and that change is almost always final.

The only way to illustrate the joys and sadness of a Game 7 is to show video from the firsr round last year.  I believe first up will be NJ and Carolina and then the Rangers and Capitals.




One fairly likely hero and a rather unlikely one. There are oddities in Game 7’s that often cannot be explained.   If you go down the list of Game 7 heroes throughout the years, you will see some iconic names like Gretzky, Lemieux, etc. but then you will see Mike Rupp, Stephane Matteau, Jeff Friesen and those sorts of unexpected names you never saw coming.  Even last year, did you really expect on a team with Alex Ovechkin, Alex Semin, and Nick Backstrom that Sergei Fedorov would score the GWG against the Rangers?  I certainly did not.

Now to prove there are some weird signs that the bizarre is about to happen, it is indeed snowing in Montreal this morning.  Yes we are glad to provide the proof as well.



You can feel it in the air.  Who is going to step up and score that goal tonight or tomorrow night that no one ever saw coming?  It almost always happens.  Will Shane Doan come back from the near dead to do it or will it be someone like Darren Helm for Detroit?  No one really knows but what we do know is that a Game 7 is always exciting (at least the hype is).  So if we had to pick who is going to score the GWG in the seventh game for each team, who would we pick?  Okay I will take a stab at this.


Montreal Canadiens

PK Subhan

Washington Capitals

Mike Knuble

Detroit Red Wings

Todd Bertuzzi

Phoenix Coyotes

Lee Stempniak


The chances of even getting one of these right is about 1 in 10,000 or probably more.  The fun is just trying to guess.  So the question who would you pick to score the GWG in Game 7, I am admittedly curious.  Also, to the fans who have to watch said Game 7, good luck to your teams even if we already know one will be eliminated tonight and another tomorrow as we get down to the last 8 teams in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

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