A Hockey Top 5 Mashup?: Worst 5 Hockey Songs

The worst five interviews will come next week, we promise.  However, in a way to find an excuse to find the absolutely most ear piercing hockey songs out there or just be thoroughly disturbed by bad music, we went on a quest.  This was not as easy as first thought as there were many god awful hockey songs out there.

At any rate, cover you eyes or ears for some of these but I hope you will agree that these are definitely some of the worst of the worst out there.  If you have one you think we missed, put it in the comments section and I will stomach and try to listen to it all the way thru.
















Did we sneak a special entry into the mix? Judge for yourself!



The last one does not exactly get you into the hockey mood….so toss some songs at us that we may have missed. Thanks.

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