Show Outline…..

BallHype: hype it up!

The midweek edition strikes fear in the hearts of many….much ice daggers will be thrown. Do not fret….we will bring it hard and fierce so listen on in at 8pm ET for two hours of hockey talk on Blog Talk Radio. Almost forgot here is what is on tap.

The Program

— Intros

— Something funny about Tanguay

— News Of The Day

— Ultimate Playoffs (Sweet 16)

— Brian Propp? We’ll explain.

— This Day In Hockey History

— That thing about NHL schedules….

— Break time, beer, and promos

— Blog And Podcast News

  • Anniversary Update of Sorts

— What Hockey Beverage Am I Drinking?

— A Hockey Top 5

— Let’s see who we can get on for Sunday.

— Return of Fantasy Hockey 101.

— Rapid Fire (Your questions, comments, and more!)

— Aloha means archive

— Much much more…..

So on the 4th day of the week there shall be hockey talk….we will also add in something totally random that I watched last night. So if you want to hear the secret rant, listen on in and tell your friends. We promise that no matter how hot it gets…..we will make the coolest game on Earth even hotter. See you tonight.


Chris Wassel

Director Of The Program

About Chris Wassel

Simply I am a hockey writer who is a jack of all trades. Whether it is draft, fantasy, NHL, KHL, AHL, etc...I probably can write about it. The challenge in hockey is to be able to step out of your comfort zone and write like you are still there. Hopefully you enjoy the humor in the writing on the site and tell your friends. Thanks for reading!