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I wanted to thank Heather (The Yotes Diva) for passing on the following via Save The Coyotes. Here is the latest…….

Greetings Coyotes Fans,

As we draw nearer to the August 5th auction date, its time to step our efforts in showing our support of our team. If you’ve not signed our letter to Judge Baum as of yet, please do so and forward it to your friends so they can sign as well.

I’d also like to share with you a message for our Vice President recently posted on

“Panger just said good bye. Man that hurts. Especially when you consider the reason. There was no TV contract. Thats right another casualty of all the court room drama was the negotiation for the next round of TV coverage. Which meant Panger had to go elsewhere to make a living. We’ll miss that lil homer. Oh sure he could be insanely hyper but it was always with love of the game and of the Yotes. Can’t fault the guy for that. And if the Holy Jumpin! got to some of you, well I dare you to not admit to using that godawful lil phrase at least once over the last year. (I know I’ve been guilty of it) We’ll miss you Mr. Holy Jumpin, Darren Pang, one of the Coyotes biggest supporters and one of hockey’s greatest fans. Good luck in St. Louis buddy.

Now onto the other reason for this post… NO TV CONTRACT???!!! WTH……? For the love of Gordie get this done! Before someone comes up with the idea to put together a pay per view package and destroys my household budget.

I’ve heard from one or two sources that a negotiation is in the works. But one of those folks also intimated that there would be fewer games shown this season. OUCH! I guess it makes sense for a couple of reasons. 1. if you can’t watch the home games on yer telly, maybe you’ll drag yer arses out to Glendale and catch ‘em live… not a bad reason but I’m thinkin its not the main reason. Its probably 2. FSN doesn’t believe any more. They probably don’t hear from the TV audience that the games are important to them so why keep using up valuable space that could be used to show some more reality TV crap. At least they can sell advertising for that muck.

So my suggestion to all of you who can’t afford to hit Glendale (you do know the ticket prices start at around 9 bucks right?) or who live too far away (waves at our friends in Tucson and Giannaros way out in Greece *yes Greece! the country not a weird town in the backwoods past Benson or something*) to attend every game *especially during the week* and to those super die hards like myself who not only attend the game but also tape them to watch afters… write FSN and let them know how much you love their coverage, how desperately you will miss their coverage if they scale it back. Better do it now though… I hear the negotiations are getting down to the wire.


FOX Sports Arizona Contact Information:
Arizona Contact Number: 602-257-9500
1440 South Sepulveda Drive
Los Angeles, California 90025
(310) 369-7761

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