Monday’s Mongolian Headlines

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Once again we go WAY OUT to the outer reaches to find these gems for you…the reader. Its been a couple days and so we apologize for that but here are the headlines…brought to you with extra hurricane force wind gusts….or is that typhoon? I can never tell.

Monday’s Mongolian Headlines

Okay JR thinks that Crosby needs to show a little more personality and be less like Pete Sampras. Oh wait…doesn’t Crosby have to win a cup first? Crap! (Canoe)

The OGA guys will be holding classes in hockey math on Mondays and Tuesdays for the rest of the term. Don’t be late…they know how to use the ruler!!! (OGA)

USHL coach loses composure but team wins….I call that an even trade-off. I also think extra bonus points should go to him for use of the water bottle. (Fanhouse)

The poor Habs fans…its all falling apart…the world is coming to an end. This was not how it was supposed to go for the Centennial. Crap…the humanity!! (Lions In Winter)

Crunching some numbers with James Mirtle…..hey maybe he can do my taxes too. (From The Rink)

Roszival out with a knee injury…up comes the mighty Mike Sauer tomorrow. (Newsday)

I am still not sure if I agree on Mr. Beckett’s assessment here on Hillary Duff. (The Power Play)

Are the Habs for sale? Read on to find out more because they are playing like it. (JoshQPublic)

The Monday Memo is never short on bling…..but damn that sure is bright and tight! (Puckmoney)

NBC might want to think some of their scheduling over for hockey games. It is getting old and quickly you blasted toolsheds! My god grow a backbone NBC! (Puck The Media)

John feels shame but hey here are some good Devils news and notes….maybe they will get the memo tonight that says to win at all costs…and I mean all. (ILWT)

All I can is just read this article…… (On Frozen Blog)

All “four habs fans” are angry and ticked and mad and absolutely incensed. I am looking for more adjectives here but they might sue me. Great read! (Four Habs Fans)

“Kyle has a stick like a lizard’s tongue”. Apparently Garth Snow probably calls the stick Lizard Love as well. Now we could not confirm that honest! (Lighthouse Hockey)

Do you what today is everyone? Yes it is Luke Richardson clap your hands. (Silver7Sens)

More on the mighty Evgeni Malkin. No mention of those other two guys….we can only hope for the sake of humanity and one’s sanity….for now!!! (Bangin Panger)

I saw this and made sure I put this one down last… ya go. (Capitals Kremlin)

Video time…..

A little WHL…..

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