Monday Ice Water Cooler!

BallHype: hype it up!

Yes that’s right……Devils-Rangers TONIGHT!!!! Sadly for Devils fans….it is on Versus which has been a nightmare this year. However, one can always hope and it makes for a jammed packed Monday Ice Water Cooler. While I am at it…I want to wish my brother, Mark, a Happy Birthday. We will not reveal his age but can say that he is older than me. Hopefully he gets a win by his favorite team on his birthday. March 30th has been very good to the Devils before…against the Rangers. However, we will not quite go there for the sake of humanity.

Some do not appreciate this rivalry but most at least respect it. So tune in to Versus at 7pm ET or hey….watch it online. Either way….just to see Brodeur and Avery reunited will have some people remembering the good old days.

The “Avery Rule”

More Avery-Brodeur

Sean Avery runs out of The Rock without signing autographs.

Needless to say….this battle runs deep and it is good to see Mr. Avery back. That way now there are no excuses…PERIOD! I am tired of the oh if we had Avery…..etc…etc…and the oh if we had Brodeur excuses. Well now tonight…reality comes! It comes in a big way for two teams who both need the two points for completely different reasons. Well I did not want to make the whole Cooler about this….so let’s move on. Hopefully it is a nasty, violent game!!

Hey San Jose and Calgary do play tonight along with Phoenix and Dallas. The latter also being on Versus at 10pm ET. So though there are only three games….there will be some fireworks nonetheless. Sharks-Flames could be a potential playoff preview. After all it has happened before. Advantage Kiprusoff perhaps? I think so!

One of the best things I saw last night was the Chicago-Vancouver line brawl. It is something that needs to be seen again and again. We have it on the blog in two parts….for your enjoyment. I wonder if the league is going to pay a few players a visit after but it reminded me of old time hockey for a change. By the way, Chicago may just play Vancouver in the playoffs….what a better potential preview!!!

With two weeks to go….the fun really begins. Who will make the playoffs and who will be left out in the cold? Hey, either way, there are going to be some unhappy fans before the real party even gets going! Let’s get it on!!!

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