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Have you ever wondered sometimes just how Facebook just puts people together and issues? Well put a hot buttoned issue on your status and see how fast the comments pile up.

Simply I threw the following out there……

Chris Wassel NHL in Reinsdorf out…we will try to explain what this all means tomorrow on the show or now….whichever comes first.

Some comments………..not all of them.

Kevin Jesus
This reeks of desperation by the NHL – they know they’re in tough and will do anything they can to not allow Balsillie to succeed and to move the team to Kansas City (which I firmly believe a backroom deal has been in place for years)

Heather Schroeder
The NHL will step in and give the right buyer time to negotiate without the bull crap that Moyes and Balsillie are pulling. It may even still be Reinsdorf.

The Coyotes are here for the long haul. Once we have some real ownership and a good team on the ice, the fans will be here supporting the team, just like they did back when we made the playoffs last.

Kevin Jesus
I’d like to agree John but the NHL will wait until the Stanley Cup is awarded so as to not take attention away from the playoffs. I don’t wish any team ill will but this franchise has been a money pit since they left Winnipeg – most other businesses would have closed up shop by now. It’s time to put them in a market where they’ll succeed and not suck money from other clubs. I’m not convinced Hamilton is the answer – but it’s a hell of a better solution than Glendale.

Heather SchroederNo, I’ve just been a fan here since 1997, and I’ve been going to all of the hearings all summer. Reinsdorf has been put through crap that a bidder shouldn’t have to experience when they are trying to BUY something. He is probably still going to be the buyer in the end, maybe even with other investors. He will just be dealing with a willing Read Moreseller – the NHL – rather than an unwilling and negative seller

Kevin JesusYep the NHL sure knows what its doing. Let’s put our product on a network that few people get and now DirectTV is pulling from its sked. Let’s get guys like “Boots” to fraudulently get into an ownership group. Let’s get a deal with NBC which will not hesitate to drop out of a game for horse racing.

Yep Kudos to the NHL – I wonder where their offer to purchase the Winnipeg Jets or Quebec Nordiques was? Couldn’t they have bought either franchise to allow time for a group to come in and build an arena (there was a group that was trying to do so in Winnipeg, which involved the Asper Family)?

The NHL has done some good – Winter Classic, the Canadian Assitance Plan when the Canadian Dollar was super weak.

Chris Wassel
The Nords moved at the beginning of Gary’s watch. Remember how close the Devils were to moving that summer too. The Nords deal was strange in the fact that the gov’t bluffed and then the Avs called their bluff. The NHL was too in the dark on that one.

The reality is the Reinsdorf deal had too many holes and contingencies. Add in the low offer Read Moreand despite blessings….it just needed to be reworked or dropped for now. IT will be interesting to see what happens from here on out because I have a feeling this is far from over.

Believe me there are more comments but this is just a sampling. For more check out the thread here. Every week we may take one of our most active threads and post it here for the readers. Stay tuned.

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