Calder Thy Name is Ryan Not Clutterbuck!!!!

Mr. Ryan for Calder??? He gets my vote!

BallHype: hype it up!

With all due respect to Cal Clutterbuck….he does not hold a jock to Bobby Ryan! Sure it is nice that Cal is getting some much deserved press but as usual we go to the State Of Hockey for hockey love? Come on let’s get into reality a bit here! Clutterbuck is a great story but Bobby Ryan may be an even better story just because of how high the expectations were and how much he was kept down by the Anaheim organization. Keep in mind Ryan played 23 games last year but still qualifies as you had to play 25 games to not qualify.

To be the 2nd overall pick behind Sidney Crosby (2005) has expectations that people tend to forget. Ryan had kind of an uneventful first taste in Anaheim but once he was unleashed this year (as Brian Burke left)….Ryan has let loose with 17 goals and 33 points in just 33 games….most of that coming on the 3rd or 4th lines. His 8 PPG’s are a testament to his skill and fortitude.

Have I mentioned the New Jersey angle? Yes that is right….Ryan is from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Sure he played in the shadow of the Philadelphia Flyers but he is still a Jersey boy true and true. Ryan is nearly 220 pounds of speed and skill and hey did I mention he is a +11 on a Ducks team that is not exactly the best defensively right now? Oops I knew I forgot something.

I also know that Kris Versteeg from Chicago has done some great things as a rookie this year as well. 36 points in 44 games definitely gets consideration with that +16 but still that does not compare to Bobby Ryan, who has played 11 less games and already has 4 more goals. The scary thing is Ryan is only getting better with time and before you know it….he may just end up on that first line in Anaheim all in due time.

So before the Minnesota blogging world gets carried away with Cal Clutterbuck and I admire their passion….it is time to take a look at this a little more objectively. Clutterbuck is a hard worker…and has paid his dues….but show a little more respect to players like Bobby Ryan. Sure people expected him to break out but being kept down so long…he really has BROKEN OUT!!!

Now if the bloggers from Minnesota or anywhere want to take me on…on this one….I have one thing to say… not sing it….JUST BRING IT!!! Debate on folks!!!

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