Ballhype Prediction Contest (Day 6, WK 1!)

2nd today…….

BallHype: hype it up!

The last day of the week….and hey we are in second place. It does not look good to win this week but hey….a respectable showing nonetheless. So with 7 games on the schedule…it is time to get down to business. Will we stay in the top 3 for the week? Could we make a big enough jump for the top spot? Let’s try it with these picks!

  • Lightning Over Bruins
  • Blue Jackets Over Predators
  • Canadiens Over Blackhawks
  • Senators Over Panthers
  • Canucks Over Wild
  • Oilers Over Ducks
  • Kings Over Stars

That’s right….we have a couple upsets along the way. I will go one further and be willing to say Boston will lose in Overtime. The Ducks will start Giguere tonight and lose….and Columbus will bounce back tonight because this is a must win game. Will all this actually transpire? Well I guess they actually have to play the games to see.


Chris Wassel

Director Of The Program

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