Ballhype Prediction Contest (Day 5, WK 1!)

Still in the Top 3……

BallHype: hype it up!

Another day…another set of picks in the Ballhype challenge. Yesterday was a bit better for me as I got all but two right. But because I thought there was no way Nashville would beat Detroit…I probably sealed my fate for the week. But hey, so far I am second this week and that is not too bad at all. There are three more games to pick today. Let’s see what goes….you never do know.

  • Rangers Over Devils
  • Sharks Over Flames
  • Stars over Coyotes

It may not work. But it is all about the points now as the week comes to an end. I can’t really move up or down too much but as always, I want to give it one last shot. If you think you have what it takes…why not join Ballhype today and give the games a shot. Not a bad way to see if you win yourself a T-shirt honestly!

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