Ballhype Prediction Contest (Day 4, WK 1!)

My predictions were raspberries…….

BallHype: hype it up!

Needless to say my predictions last night were bad….they did not go as planned. Maybe Ballhype did not like me. We not only were under .500 for the night but dropped a point. Still third in the NHL part of the contest this week. We strive for seven more games and hopefully we’ll do better. Here are the picks…..

  • Wings Over Preds
  • Blue Jackets Over Blues
  • Senators Over Lightning
  • Bruins Over Flyers
  • Canucks Over Blackhawks
  • Wild Over Oilers
  • Ducks Over Avalanche

We pray that these go better than last night. Wish us luck as we try to bring this home and win the T-Shirt. If you have any upset specials…as always….send them in or contact us. If you lead us to victory…we will give you a shout out and a big thanks. Who knows…maybe even a T-Shirt. Aloha!

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