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It is Friday….so it is time again to spotlight another hockey blog that stands out just a little bit from the rest. This blog has some in-depth analysis from the Sharks end of the NHL pool. So this week’s eye goes on Two For Elbowing.

The interesting part for me is the nooks and crannies of the site….how it digs into the situations of “the black aces”. For those who don’t know…”the black aces” are called many things including luxury box warmer or the xl-4000 feature contributor. But these players do have a purpose especially if and when someone gets hurt. You just never know when a team is going to need them.

I also particularly enjoyed the Steve Bernier analysis. Something is indeed not right when a guy is traded twice like that in a relatively short period of time. That is more than coincidence to me and I am glad to see this blogger jump all over on it. Chuqui then nicely ties this all in to the Dan Boyle trade and the Craig Rivet exit. It intrigues me when “domino effect” moves are made and how they all form a chain from one another.

The Sharks 2009 post is probably one of the best I have seen out of this site so far…I am sure there are other great gems but this stuck out. He clearly touches on the fact that Sharks’ fans wanted Doug Wilson’s head on a platter after the first couple days and then San Jose struck quickly. They went from bottom of the barrel losers to winners in the time it takes to make a banana split…a point not lost on Two For Elbowing.

So if you want to take a read on a blog that maybe doesn’t get updated everyday but hits hard when news breaks then Two For Elbowing is for you. You won’t be disappointed!

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