WJC ( Day 3)

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Just some real quick updates folks…as we gear up for tonight’s action….more on it on The Program With Chris, Rick, And Mike at 10pm ET on Blog Talk Radio!!!!

Russia defeated Finland 5-2 today and looked much better than they did against Latvia. Russia is now 2-0 in pool play and appears on its way to the semis as on the surface they have the most talent in their group. Dmitri Klopov had 2 goals and an assist and Nikita Filatov scored twice for the Russians. Jani Lajunen and Joonas Nattinen scored for Finland in a losing effort.

Canada right now is killing Kazahkstan 10-0 in the third period. USA vs. Czech Republic and Sweden vs. Slovakia later tonight. Surely Canada will score more so we will have more updates as the games go forward.

In between here are some videos….enjoy!!!!

You do not see a 6’7″ guy get plowed often!

A Jamie Benn goal

Eberle opens the scoring.

This all leads to the question is this trip really necessary? More updates tonight!!!

Update 1: 13-0 Canada in the late stages of the third period….stop the killing!

Update 2: 15-0 Canada over Kazakhstan (FINAL)

Update 3: USA is up on the Czechs 4-2 in the third.

Update 4: Sweden holds off Slovakia 3-1

Update 5: USA holds off Czechs 4-3

All in all a great night of WJC hockey…..I am looking forward to tomorrow….have a great night!

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