The Dark Side of Hockey: ATale Of Sexual Predators

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Before I say what I have to say. I am going to place a parental advisory on this blog. If you are easily sickened or sensitive toward bad language you are not going to want to read this.

Now those of you who know me, know I never mix politics with hockey. Unfortunately today I am going to make the exception. When the Canadian Judiciary system allows a man like David Frost to go free and prey on the young players of Canada something needs to be said.

For those who do not know David Frost he was a central figure in the Mike Danton case. Mike Danton also known as Mike Jefferson was a young up and coming player that David Frost took under his wing. David Frost took the impressionable youth and separated him from his family and basically destroyed the kid’s life. Frost tried to and controlled every part of Danton’s life to the point where Danton actually hired a hit man to off him. There is much more to the story than this though. I suggest looking it up and reading about it to gain more insight on how this predator worked.

Frost was charged with 4 counts of sexual exploitation for touching players and having players touch their girlfriends. He was cleared of all charges and released. This is something I cannot believe. I understand that this would have given a black eye to the sport, but the way the trial went down was bad from the get go. Was this done to protect the game? The kicker one of the players that Frost may have touched Mike Danton was not allowed to testify. A key witness, the person whose life was ruined not allowed to tell the story. The main reason the accused was able to walk, because it was said he did not take part in any of the actual touching.

What irks me is that even if he did not take part in the activities instead watching and encouraging it, he is still a predator. Are the Canadian laws that accepting of allowing children to basically preform lewd acts on each other because some fat fuck wants to get off. It is absolutely sicking that this piece of shit is allowed on the street. How many of these cases have to go to court before the criminals pay. Graham James was a coach of numerous junior teams he was convicted of 350 counts of sexual misconduct with players including NHLer Sheldon Kennedy he served only 3 years in prison and now is coaching youth teams in Europe. It is the job of these Canadian officials to make sure that scum like James and Frost never see the light of day again and the young hockey players that are coming up do not have to worry about people like them. Instead it is more important to protect the good name of the CHL and brush up incidents like these under the rug.

Recently I have been asking the question to many hockey pundits, NCAA or Juniors? I have had answers showing great support on both sides. I can tell you this when I have a son and if he is ever faced with that decision I am going to push for him to go to the NCAA, where sexual predators are not allowed to roam free without recourse.

This whole situation makes me sick and I hope players, coaches and league officials finally grow the balls to fight the system so that harsher punishment comes for those who commit these awful crimes.

Editor’s Note:

Thanks to my good friend from Alberta….thanks again Kevin. You will see this in your morning newspapers.

Dave Frost, the vilified former hockey coach and NHL agent freshly acquitted on sexual exploitation charges involving teenage players, has launched a website designed to unleash secret stories about the NHL, closely-guarded playbooks and advice for young players trying to make the big league.

“They (the authorities) played me up to be the bad boy of hockey; well, now I’ll show them how much of a bad boy I can be,” Frost said. On his website,, he bills himself as the No. 1 bad boy of Canadian hockey. It includes “Frosty’s favourites” – his take on top players – hockey pool information, premium details for aspiring players, and a “Hockey Hottie” of the month, a feature that has a place for pictures of female hockey fans wearing nothing but a jersey with the chance of winning prizes.

Using experience gained during his years as an NHL agent, he says he will disclose untold stories about the league, its teams and players.

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