Less Than 24 Hours To Go……

Waiting is the hardest part….damn Tom Petty sure had that one right. Yet we trudge on with less than 24 hours to go till the deadline clock strikes zero. Today seems to pretty much have been “talking day” where GM’s are talking to other GM’s to gage interest and play with values and possible trade scenarios. There are only two games tonight so you won’t see as much lineup watching tonight as you will tomorrow where there is eight games on and YOU WILL see some lineup watching.

It is quite amusing that the fans are getting so antsy about the lack of activity. Everyone I talk to is remarking or lamenting on how quiet it has actually been. So I took a quick look at last year’s trade deadline. Last year’s deadline produced 25 trades with most of them coming in the late morning and early afternoon. Yes, it was very quiet most of the day before similar to today so no surprise there. Now to what is surprising. TSN took a poll of how many trades would be made and most, right now, are thinking 15 or less…so if I take a bit of an average and go with 8-12 trades….that would be the consensus as far as the fans….very interesting indeed.

The other concern for fans is that GM’s are overvaluing the players involved in rumored trades. Now this is a normal practice for GM’s to do. General Managers don’t want to absolutely get hoodwinked in a deal so there are negotiations involved. You wouldn’t agree to the first proposal thrown your way now would you? This is where we are all at right now…..just waiting for the first domino to fall. When it falls and who falls will be key in who stays and who goes.

At first I called for somewhere in the neighborhood of 18-20 trades. I will stand by that for now and yes I am including the Ottawa-Carolina trade. However, I am noticing little inklings that teams may not be as willing to part with their parcel as first reported. It will be interesting to see what happens tonight and early tomorrow morning because that will play a huge role in all of this.

So out of the big names…who will move? I am expecting Hossa to go for sure and listing guys as Jokinen and Campbell as maybe’s. A lot could change from now till 3 pm ET tomorrow but for now that is what I got on what has been a very quiet day from California.

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