Injury Ninja Awareness Month…


Injury Ninja Awareness Month


DOB– Unknown

Location– Where ever the Flyers play

Intent– Destroyer of dreams.

Do you have a player with talent, a player who is breaking out, or a player who is simply on fire?
Hi, my name is Pope Pogo II, not to be confused with Pope Pogo the first, or Darth Pogo, or ALA Dirty Fish, Big city, Salty Fresh, Pope daddy,Pope Rotten Candy, or Father Theresa.

You might ask yourself, “Why did Pogo ask these questions, and why is there a jolly rancher in my hair?”. Well I’ll tell you, Friends, the Injury Ninja is out there, you don’t believe me? I took a couple pictures from various sources and took a closer look, the results may surprise you. A myth remains, Does the Injury Ninja see the “C” on a players sweater as a sign, or a target for “Concussion”? We may never know, one thing is certain, if you have talent in this town, you are a marked player to the injury ninja. You can’t see the Ninja with the naked eye, and if you do, your brain cannot comprehend it. Now in the pictures you will see listed below, you just may comprehend it, as I ran it through an “Anti Ninjury Photo processor”.

Now before you freak out, these are only a few examples, and I know I did not add Downie or Hatcher, but it is only because there were too many Injury Ninjas and my “Anti Ninjury Photo Processor” broke. They cost about $400,000,000.99, I just don’t have the money to spend on another, but maybe with these Photo’s you will get the gist of it.

We see Lindros here, many people followed his career, but nobody followed his career as closely as the Injury Ninja.

Now we see Captain Keith Primeau, just look at how menacing of an attack this is! Waited for all of Philly to fall in love with him, before the Ninjury came in with one dramatic swing. Terrible.

Simon Gagne, The Injury Ninjas first victim this year, I think this picture explains how we all feel. Gagne is celebrating an improbable comeback, but the Ninjury had to have his say in the matter.

Joffrey Lupul, was soo hot for the Flyers it took 3 Ninjuries to Ninjure him.

Mike Richards… ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

Now that I have got your attention, I will give you a minute to take this all in…

Friends, we now have lost 10 in a row and it is obvious every player we have who is playing well is being taken out as this season, The Ninjury is…


Who is next? The question will forever go unanswered.

I am Pope Pogo II

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