As far as the trades made at the deadline go I don’t have much to say. We didn’t really give anything up to get the players. Well, I guess that depends on what the “future considerations” for Bochenski end up being. However, I foresee it won’t be much. As it has been shown that lower round draft picks never really make an impact in the NHL I feel like we gave up nothing when we used a 7th round pick to pick up Hlavac. I think it would have been easier just to bring up some of our AHL talent instead of making the moves. Although, bring in Hlavac replaces the veteran status or Gelinas which is a plus, I guess, probably not.

With the Preds play as of late…yeah I don’t have much to say. There has been a breakdown of all things. This is one time where everybody is to blame. I hope that there can be a quick turnaround in Nashville as our next 5 games are on the road. I guess I need to get back to Nashville as we’ve been playing like …. since I’ve been away.

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