“Greatest Days Hockey: Epic Endings” premieres today on MSG Network

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Usually one would think this kind of sports program would air during the summer months to help ease hockey withdrawal between the night the Stanley Cup champion is crowned to when training camp begins to prepare for the following season. That is what Fans’ Most Wanted: Rangers did for New York Rangers fans last summer on MSG Network.

Another such series on MSG Network is set to debut on November 30th (this coming Sunday) at 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Titled as Greatest Days Hockey: Epic Endings, it covers the memorable New York City metropolitan area hockey teams and games they played which many local National Hockey League fans will remember forever.

The first installment of this series focuses on the Rangers’ epic battle and triumph over the New Jersey Devils in Game 7 of the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals. For some local fans like myself, this was one of the best games I have seen since I began watching hockey over 20 years ago.

For a very quick sneak peek, take a look at a video clip by clicking on the hyperlink below.

MSG Network (November 27):
Matteau’s Goal Wins It

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