Gather Up The Leftovers….

BallHype: hype it up!

Black Friday not all its cracked up to be.

Now with the economy the way it was…did you expect Black Friday to be all that great? Even worse, this sad story out of Long Island this morning just cemented it for me. I am just amazed that people are willing to stampede or fight for the best deal when really there are not that many at all! Times are tough people…how hard is it to cut back…really?

I have one simple alternative….STAY HOME!! Personally I am watching the Isles play the Bruins right now and will probably watch hockey and sports all day whether I am here or over my sister-in-laws. There is some college hockey on tonight as well so there are plenty of options. My advice is to stay as far away as possible from those retail stores as humanly possible. When people die or miscarry…it is an absolute sign that it just is not worth it.

First game up today is the Bruins Vs. Islanders. The night ends with San Jose traveling to Dallas for a meeting with a team that face it….has had the world cave in on them. In between, there are 9 more games to wet your appetite. What I enjoy personally is the option of being able to watch the QMJHL, KHL, WHL, AHL, and NHL all in the same day. Think I have a ton of options? You bet your arse I do!!!

I am sorry but you really can not get enough hockey. Because after all, I am a hockey junkie. I admit it! Throughout the day I will have some updates on scores and we will have some fun with the hockey world so to speak. Wes Walz makes his return to Minnesota today…that should be fun.

By the way, Lucic strikes again…he just JACKED up Tim Jackman!! That is the beauty of watching this streamed…you can see tons of replays. There was no penalty…that was a clean hit Islanders…why not do something about it instead of crying about it.

So as we gather up the leftovers….I am making turkey salad a little later with some reheated leftovers. I figure it is a perfect way to mix the Friday after with a little bone crunching hockey. Do not fret folks….I still have some gravy leftover from yesterday. No worries here!!

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