Fantasy Hockey 101: Trade Deadline Impact

Well with the trade deadline finally over….it is just a bit before 3:30 here on the left coast….how is this going to impact the Stevens and LSHL leagues…well plain and simple….a good bit but nothing groundbreaking. As always, we will break down the big names a bit in detail and then let you the reader decide.

Marian Hossa (W) — Pittsburgh Penguins

Picture a power play unit with Hossa, Crosby, and Malkin and tell me you won’t have the fear in your eyes look. This is going to be a scary, offensive team coming down the stretch which bodes well in fantasy leagues and fantasy playoffs (as they end when the regular season ends). Hossa could easily net 25-30 points in the last 18 games for Pittsburgh. It could be that scary.

Brian Campbell (D) — San Jose Sharks

Being a quarterback on this dangerous of a power play again has to help out the fantasy numbers of a gifted defenseman. Passing to the likes of Cheechoo and Thornton will be enough of an impact for fantasy owners but almost as important will be how Campbell helps Matt Carle. Carle will learn a lot and may just be the force of a fantasy d-man that everyone expects. A nice double upside if you will if I ever saw one.

Brad Richards (C) — Dallas Stars

When he is playing and he is on his game….look out! Yes this is a new chapter in the career of Brad Richards and really it can only get better from here. Richards is a pretty good two way player but will help Dallas out on the power play where they do need it a bit with Jokinen gone. With guys like Morrow and Modano and Ribeiro, I expect Richards to generate around a point a game for the Stars and may just be that difference maker he was a couple years back.

So if you are in the Stevens League or LSHL League or any league for that matter and you have these players….expect a nice little lift as you head toward the home stretch. If you can trade for these guys…do it right now before the dust settles!

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