Fantasy Hockey 101: These Three Turkeys

Here come the turkeys again!! They keep running around and every week we try to catch three of them in the hopes that maybe they learn their lesson or will they? That is the problem…some of them never do quite learn and they end up being on the plate served to you best…..ON ICE!!!! So here we go….this week’s Turkeys Of The Week!!

Brendan Morrow (C) — Dallas Stars

WHAT???? Not Morrow of all people but yes he has been slumping a bit lately…and 2 points in his last 7 games will get you on this list. Dallas needs all the scoring it can muster from its top forwards…and when you slump…your name will be here! His 20 shots on goal in the last 7 games are pretty respectable but with only 1 goal….that would be a 5% conversion rate. Not good..since his season rate is 13.8%….oops! Maybe he will get it back together next week but this week his gobbler is cooked.

Braydon Coburn (D) — Philadelphia Flyers

It doesn’t seem so have only 2 points in five games…but some of the defensive breakdowns by Coburn have led to Flyer losses. The Washington game in particular may have exposed him a bit….and that can’t sit too well with Flyer fans…as maybe that is why they tried to go so hard after Tomas Kaberle. The Flyers defense is fragile right now and Coburn above all has to show he can lead the way but one has to wonder does Flyer management have that much confidence in that ability? Only time will tell but time for Coburn and company to step up.

Tomas Vokoun (G) — Florida Panthers

So how does a goalie with a .500 record and a save percentage over .900 get on the three turkeys?? That is easy when your name is Tomas Vokoun. That 3.34 GAA is a killer for once…but its the goals he gives up that are worse. As the Panthers blew a 2-0 lead Tuesday night against the Penguins, I couldn’t help but notice that Vokoun does tire out. Though, that is partially the defense’s fault….a goalie has to be mentally tough and I question that in Vokoun at times. Besides the refs and Jacques Martin, Vokoun may just not be the goalie to lead the Panthers to the playoffs. Look in Nashville, they are entrenched in the playoffs in the West and 9 over .500….who knew??

Well next week we will postpone our three usual turkeys and replace with the three turkey GM’s of the trade deadline……who knows what will happen.

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