ESPN…Why Bother With A Hockey Guy?

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I really do not understand why ESPN bothers at all. They barely cover hockey anyway and yet they apparently still want an analyst to come in maybe once or twice a week and try to enlighten television watchers who could find better avenues on the internet than ESPN.

I heard the Barnaby interview on LCS….and that was a great interview. It had humor, brevity, and full on candor and honesty from a player who knew nothing but it. This is the same player that cried on the ice.

I can’t help it….here it is. Sorry.

Okay fair enough! Barnaby is actually well versed…I listened to all of the interview on LCS. However, I just do not think he really has the ability to jump into a lead analyst role. Honestly the Puck Daddy poll (great job Sean) reinforced one thing to me. Maybe ESPN should just avoid having an analyst even though they will ultimately hire one. They just do not do hockey justice enough. Honestly the NHL really deserves much better than that. Even if Gary Bettman is still commish, it still has earned much better than a token appearance on the “worldwide” leader in sports.

Maybe whoever ESPN does choose whether it be Don Cherry, Matthew Barnaby, EJ Hradek, or Bill Clement, etc. will prove me wrong. But really I am not holding my breath here. This folly of a search will gain the NHL little exposure so maybe ESPN should just do the smart thing and stay away as the common hockey fan stays away from ESPN anyway.

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