Brunchtime And Hockey…..

After just eating breakfast…well…it is time for hockey and none other than The NHL Arena’s Game Of The Week….so let’s get right down to it. The Isles travel to New Jersey to face the Devils. One is fighting for their playoff lives and one is fighting for the #1 seed in the East which is turning into the mother of all dogfights. The starting goalies are Brodeur and DiPietro…so let’s go!!!!


10:08 — And we’re off…..mmmm…hockey!!!
10:09 — Vasicek blasts one….Marty says oh hell no!
10:10 — The Devils are on the PSE&G POWER PLAY!!!! DiPietro under siege early but standing tall. Shots on goal 4-1 Devs…and the PP ends.
10:13 — The Isles’ plan may be to bore us to death. I still am trying to figure out how Simon is still in the NHL?
10:18 — Zubrus needs to keep forechecking…this team is much better when they do that effectively. And then oh christ!!!!!

1-0 THEM….UGH! Vasicek unassisted at 12:05
Hilbert fires….then the puck came back, pinballed and I think it was kicked in….but somehow the puck found its way in the net. Maybe Vasicek did kick it in. These things happen all the time against the Devils when they play the Isles and Rangers….WTF???

10:21 — Yay another Devils PP…maybe we score on this one? LOL


TIED!! Elias (17) Oduya and Parise at 10:17 PPG

Martin gets the puck to the net….and Parise to Elias. Elias and Oduya play catch as Elias slams it past a hopeless DiPietro……PATTY IS BACK!!!!!

10:27 — HUH? A penalty on the Devils…..Isles PP….weird!


2-1 NEW JERSEY!!! Madden (17) Martin maybe at 11:36 SHG

Martin did block a shot….but Madden goes up 2 on 1 with Pandolfo…and he goes to shoot but a sliding Bergeron knocks it past DiPietro for him…..NICEEEE!!!!!

10:31 — Isles PP dead. Comeau goes sliding into the boards…..SAFE! Icing and commercial!
10:35 — Johnson to the box….Devils back on the PP…the PSE&G PP.
10:36 — Elias and Martin are all over the place today. This PP looks good today as Zajac just missed. Nice save DiPietro on Zubrus….as the PP ends. Bergeron and Gionta dancing…heh.
10:40 — 4 on 4 btw. Open ice good for Devils. This may not last but the faceoff edge is 12-1 right now for the Devs. Brookbank has quite the shot…use it more please!!
10:41 — BREAKAWAY for Satan….thank you Marty for the beauty save and then the rebound TOOO!!!!!! Do you believe? I do. 5 on 5 back in effect…..period over.



11:00 — Game on and the Isles are dangerous here…..not good Devils…not good!
11:02 — JESUS!! Another one of those fluky shots….OY!

2-2 Tied…meh!! Fedotenko (14) Nielsen and Hunter maybe at 1:53

Marty didn’t see it…really….and Fedotenko just sneaks it in…..

11:03 — Clarkson sent Gervais flying….so the Isles get a PP….oy vey!! Another Devils peanlty coming….this is sad….a 5 on 3 for the Isles. Interference on White. This is bad now…real bad! We have no luck at all! Kill this thing.
11:06 — Devils can’t clear….not good luck there either. Martin almost had that out. Madden and Mottau finally get it out….5 on 3 dead…on to 5 on 4. Devils kill it off!! Whew!! Thank you Marty…..jesus…why do we play so bad against these guys is beyond me???
11:12 — No shots on goal for the Devils…gotta change that quick. A shot on goal…..finally!!
11:15 — Hunter was extremely dangerous but thankfully it didn’t go in! This has just been a weird game indeed. Comrie is definitely really good offensively…if he ever could be responsible in his own end…he’d be a force.
11:17 — And again…Bergenheim tries to smash it in with a laser…but what a save by Marty as his pads were not in the net….whistle blows and sheesh….come on offense…get him some help!
11:20 — No goal…..good! Now get some offense Devs! No asserting themselves yet as Brodeur has to make yet another save as DiPietro plays with beach balls at the other end.
11:22 — The ice stopped the puck…..DAMN!
11:25 — Rebound is loose….but Clarkson’s shot is stopped just before it gets thru. Finally some real pressure!!!
11:26 — Devils cycling a bit….Martin fires and DiPietro gets that one….and the Isles finally clear. I really do think Brodeur is not seeing the puck well today…maybe start Weekes tomorrow??
11:30 — Pando fires….GLOVE SAVE DiPietro!
11:34– The Devils are warming to the task….hopefully they can get one here!
11:36 — Zubrus does it again…draws the penalty….PP Devs. Damn Elias was close and so was Oduya!! DiPietro had to stand up big there.
11:38 — Devils get set up…but the Isles clear it again and the period pretty much ends.



12:00 — Basically……YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

Thank you Parise!!!!!

3-2 NEW JERSEY DEVILS!!!!! Parise (25) Zubrus and BRODEUR at 2:30

Bad bounce for Johnson…Parise races to the net…and PUTS IT INNNNN!!!!!!!!!

12:01 — Taking advantage of mistakes is key…Parise is clutch! And now waiting is the hardest part.

12:06 — While you were waiting…..ANOTHER SCORE!!!!

4-2 NEW JERSEY DEVILS!!! Gionta (16) White and Langenbrunner at 4:43

All I can say is nice passing leads to a damn fine goal by Gionta who worked hard and was IN THIS GAME today!!!! Time to get the Kool Aid ready!!! OHHHH YEAHHH!!!!

12:10 — The Devils are dominating away…10-1 shots on goal in the third so far.
12:12 — The 4th line draws another PP….excellent job!
12:14 — Gionta stuff try…almost….Mottau….ALMOST! The Devils are getting close again…Greene shoots…puck loss…and DiPietro finally covered. Johnson and Zubrus exchanging pleasantries as the PP ends.
12:20 — And now the Devils are just firing from everywhere…hey…why not right??
12:22 — Hilbert fires one…and Brodeur turns it away confidently….note he is seeing the puck much better now….2 goal leads do that!
12:24 — Today is a sellout! Awesome!
12:25 — The checking line is now bombing away….that has to make Isles fans really sick right now! The party is just about over and with that this horrible streak.
12:29 — Isles empty net. Well he tried….just missed….heh.
12:31 — The Isles can’t do much here….but hey Madden just missed….barely.

And at least for a little bit….the Devils are #1 in the Eastern Conference.

I just wanted everybody for letting me do this…as a little fun before the seriousness of the trade deadline sets in. Have a good day everyone and remember Monday…wall to wall coverage on the Deadline begins at The NHL Arena.

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