Battle Of The Blogosphere Update!!

BallHype: hype it up!

It is almost afternoon, even on the West Coast and Round 2 of the Battle Of The Blogosphere is in full swing again. Round 2 matchups are on The NHL Arena. Please go vote today….these blogs need your support so they can advance onward to Round 3. Without further adieu, here are the latest tilts!!!

Match 1:

Match 3:

Hip Shot Blog

On Frozen Blog

Match 4:

Japer’s Rink

Kukla’s Korner

The fourth match in particular is an incredible one for Round 2 but these do indeed happen. Two heavyweights in the blogging world doing battle for almost certain supremacy. JP and KK are icons for the rest of us bloggers and this shapes up to be a colossal tilt. Go to The NHL Arena, register, and vote today!!!

However do not forget about the other matchups in Round 2 and the other great blogs out there. You never know who is going to win the Battle Of The Blogosphere. Our goal is just to let you know that not only are we still going….but that the action is only going to heat up!!! Thank you everyone.


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