Back To The Future For Forsberg…

Well this was a bit of a surprise right up till about 2 hours ago but the Colorado Avalanche have indeed announced that Peter Forsberg has been signed for the rest of the season. What does it mean exactly? Well I guess Forsberg feels his foot is at or close to ready. Is he 100 percent? I do not think he honestly is but I have a feeling that we will all find out soon enough.

Forsberg comes to a team that is pretty darn good already on offense. Sporting the likes of Smyth, Sakic, Hejduk, and Stastny…the team can score. What they really need is more on the defense and goaltending side but that is just me. Apparently they feel Forsberg will give them a presence they need but I will admit I have my doubts. Many felt the Flyers had the inside track on this but it turns out maybe they never did all along.

This may cause some GM’s to think a little faster as far as the deadline is concerned. It won’t be the all out domino that people are expecting but it certainly is a ripple in the pond if you will. Now what transpires will be interesting on what was, up till now, a very quiet day.

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